You are the Conscious Creator of your own Reality

You are the author of your own story. Your thoughts, your choices and your actions define your life.


Kanishk Saraogi

1/1/20251 min read

Knowingly or unknowingly we create our life around us. We have the ability to change our thoughts every moment.
We have the ability to consciously create a new thought and overpower any negative thoughts. Our thoughts determine to a large extent our habits and choices. And our choices and habits determine our personality and character in a big way.

What we wear, what we eat, how we spend our times, who we become friends with, how we spend our money and what we consume , are all determined by our habits, choices and thoughts, and all of these can be consciously changed by coming out of the old pattern. These in turn, determine the subsequent reality around us. Reality is very perspective.

There is no singular reality, there is only perspective reality which is objective and continuously changing(Maya). Every day, every moment is an opportunity to consciously choose and create your thoughts and habits and in turn the subsequent reality which unfolds from those choices.

Observer your thoughts, track them, if you notice some unhealthy negative thoughts, consciously overwrite them with a positive thought/habit.

You are the Conscious Creator of your own Reality.