Kanishk Wellness

I founded Kanishk Wellness with a deep passion for promoting holistic empowerment through the traditional practices of
breath-work and meditation. Inspired by the profound benefits I experienced personally, I embarked on this journey to share these ancient arts with individuals seeking inner balance and self-discovery.

My aim is to offer accessible tools and guidance that empower individuals to cultivate mental clarity, emotional resilience, and overall well-being. Through Kanishk Wellness, I am committed to helping people harness the power of their breath and embrace the art of meditation as pathways to inner peace and self-realization.

My methods



A practice rooted deep in the Indian culture that allows you to access the deepest parts of your mind strengthening your relationship with yourself.


The traditional art of harnessing your breath to calm your mind and rid yourself of all physical and mental ailments.


Mindfulness is all about being 100% present at all times regardless of any noise or distraction, making you more alive to every moment.

Workshop at QMS school

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single session

Experience breath-work and meditation and get a taste of the peace and joy it brings into your life.

$ 20 per class


1 month course

Immerse yourself into the world of traditional breath-work and meditation and experience the transformation it brings into your life.

$ 60 per month

Amit Maheshwari

I am an entrepreneur and I really connected with Kanishk's class on breath-work. I found it amazing since I could feel the change in my energy levels and I believe that with more practice I can really transform my life however I wish to.

Aine Donnellan

I attended Kanishk's classes when we were both living in Scotland together. It was my first time taking meditation classes and it absolutely made me fall in love with this way of being in the world. Kanishk guided us through the chanting, silent meditation and breath-work with his super bright light and joyous energy which is very contagious.

Happy clients


Harmony within, Excellence throughout.

We have made transcending limitations our habit. It’s not something that we strive for – we live by this principle every day.

You may not remember us for the rest of your lives, but the learnings you take away after attending our classes will stay with you forever.

Tools for a better life