Live in the moment

We spend most of our lives thinking about either the past or the future. Imagine how beautiful our life could be if we lived all our time alive to every moment.


Kanishk Saraogi

1/1/20251 min read

If one had to learn only one lesson in their whole life, let it be this one. Most of the times, we find ourselves not in the present moment. Our body is, but our mind isnt. And energy flows where awareness goes.

Our mind very sneakily takes us on a trip of the 'pastland' and 'futureland', making us believe the past and the future are more important. But in reality, the past and future are fictional creations of the mind, they dont have any existential reality. There is only this moment and “this moment is inevitable”. So whether we are sad or happy, let us fully be in the present moment, just being aware of how we are.

This simple practice is the essence of most of the Yogic Sciences. To disengage and be undistorted by our memory, and be hundred percent conscious in the present moment. Throughout your day you can try to become aware of your breath, your heartbeat, soft sounds around you, smells, reflections of light on objects around you, making eye contact with people, the soles of your feet touching the ground when you walk, pause for a micro send before you turn on a switch, press a key on your laptop, and just be mindful.

During all these occasions just come to the present and observe yourself, become Aware of where your Awareness is. I call this practice “awareness on awareness” meditation. When we become aware of where our awareness is, we can steer it to wherever we want to take it and keep it there.